OpenBots Virtual Event

OpenBots vs. Traditional RPA Vendors

Join us for a no-nonsense technical assessment of the major RPA vendors.  Compare features and functionality to understand the range of outcomes achievable with various automation platforms. 
Learn how the rapid growth of RPA and continued innovation have changed RPA technology. 
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Tuesday, Nov 2 at 12PM EST


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Can Zero Bot Licensing Offer a Comparable Technical Solution & Business Outcome?  

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Tuesday, Nov 2nd, 12PM EST

Insights from the Technical Brain-Trust

Join our CTO & Product Leads as they compare and contrast the technical capabilities of OpenBots vs Traditional RPA vendors. 

Gain valuable insights for your organization on the state of affairs of RPA Tech.

Ashish Nangla

Chief Technology Officer, OpenBots

Cameron Herwig

Product Manager, OpenBots

Karan Sehgal

Chief Customer Officer, OpenBots

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