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Two of the most time-consuming aspects of using an LOS System are the manual entry of data and manual reconciliation of data.

Enable your organization to eliminate these manual processes with automated appraisal ordering, disclosure automation, income verification bots, automated credit checks, loan suspense processing & pre-underwriting automation with OpenBots, the only Enterprise RPA Platform with Zero Bot Licensing.

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Appraisal Bot for Encompass

Underwriters Empowered by Bots

Can the underwriting process be automated? Here at OpenBots, we’ve seen the power of automation free up time for underwriters by leveraging bots to pre-validate data in loan packages before they get to underwriting.

Help your underwriters focus solely on decision making to achieve first-pass approval on a greater number of loans and reduce underwriting conditions using RPA.

  • Eliminate repetitive manual data entry and extraction
  • Automate borrower income documents
  • Reduce errors and enhance compliance 
  • Leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning for a better customer experience